Everyday I get emails wherein my readers ask me How to Hack an Email? You as the reader are most likely reading this because you want to hack into someone’s email.So in this post I have decided to uncover the real and working way to hack any email. Actually there are many ways to hack someones email password like Phishing, Keylogging or using Hacking softwares used to hack email password. In this post i’m going to show you how to hack someones email account password using a keylogger.

Here is a step by step guide to hack someones email password using a keylogger:

1. First of all download Star Tools software from here.

2. Run Star Tools.exe file. Hit on Tools and select Keylogger.

3. Now, you get Keylogger builder like this:

4. Simply enter your Gmail username and password where you want to receive your victim’s password. You can set Timing Options as you like and hit on “Build Keylogger” to get Server.exe file created in current directory.

5. This server.exe file is 3/23 UD and detected by Avira antivirus. So, to avoid it from being detected by Antivirus, Go to Tools -> File Pumper to see:

6. Now, select the server.exe file you have just created in step 4. Set the number of bytes you want to add using File Pumper (you can set anything like approx 1 MB or even more) and hit on “Pump File”. File Pumper will ask you the name and path where you want to save pumped file created by File Pumper. Select the path and hit on Save. Say this file is named ser.exe.

7. Now, send this file to victim and ask  him to run the file on his computer. As soon as he runs our sent file, the keylogger get installed on his computer and all his typed passwords and keystrokes are sent to your email address which you have entered in step 4.